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UK will be ruled by Tories from southern English shires

On Tuesday I painted a picture (UK threatened by rule from the English shires) of the United Kingdom ruled by a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition dependent on MPs for the English shires. I was wrong, failing to anticipate the blue tsunami which swept the Lib Dems from the south-west peninsular.

equal popmapHere in the East the regional BBC political correspondent, Andrew Sinclair, has pointed out his patch is even more Conservative than it was with Labour failing to take target marginal seats. The BBC’s brilliant idea of a map with each constituency the same size shows graphically what has happened.

Imagine a line on the map from the Severn Estuary to the Wash and we see virtually nothing but blue surrounding London where Labour has reinforced its dominant hold.

For the next five years, the UK is to be ruled by shire Conservatives from the south of England. That is worse than I feared in my previous post.

It is going to be very difficult for David Cameron to convince people in Scotland, Wales and the north of England that he is ruling for the entire United Kingdom.

He will, I am sure, try. Significantly, in his acceptance speech on retaining his seat, he singled out implementing the promises of increased devolution for Scotland and Wales as priorities.

It is going to be very difficult for him the meet the conflicting demands. The DUP in Northern Ireland will generally bolster his small majority but have made it clear that their price is more money for the six counties.

His stronger Conservative contingent from East Anglia will be holding him to promises of much needed infrastructure investment to satisfy their electors.

It is going to be a hard balancing act ruling a United Kingdom which, the map shows, looks even less united this morning.



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