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Reprieve for six recycling sites as Suffolk CC listens to the people

Suffolk County Council has put the close of waste recycling sites on hold. Six sites were due to close next month, but faced with outrage from people across the county it is look for other ways of paying for them and the sites will operate as at present until July 31.

During this time the county will work with district and borough councils and Suffolk Communities to develop long-term solutions for the sites at Beccles, Bramford, Brome, Chelmondiston, Newmarket and Southwold (Press release). The Ingham site for which planning consent runs out will close as planned.

Lisa Chambers, Portfolio Holder for Waste, said:

We have made this decision in direct response to the views of Suffolk residents.  I have personally attended 14 community meetings and the feedback has been very clear.  People are telling me they are very willing to look at paying for the service rather than lose their site and would like more time to come up with new ways of working. District, parish and town councils have also asked for more time to look at alternative funding opportunities.

I believe it is important that we listen to feedback from communities and when possible act on that feedback. In this case that is what we have done.

Three ideas from the consultation are mentioned:

  • Pay-per-use
  • District/parish council funding for sites
  • Local recycling projects.

It is good news that the council is listening to the views of others. Let’s hope it marks the start of a change of approach in Endeavour House. Perphaps, they will also stop making firm announcements again before they have consulted others about their policies.



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  1. Ipswich Spy says

    Can assure you Alasdair the Tories at County don’t give a monkeys about the election in three weeks unless they are actually candidates. Most of them “don’t do politics” and none of them would understand your inability to see anything positive in anything announced by a Tory.

    Lisa Chambers is a sensible portfolio holder who has been to all the consultation meetings, which must have been really like walking into the lions den at times. She listened to what she heard and came to the decision to give them more time. We would rather hope that Colin Noble (or whoever) will do the same following the Leadership election, but don’t get your hopes up – this years budget won’t be revisited.

    By the way Alasdair, we saw your initial Labour leaflets in Ipswich, are you going to mention ANY borough council issues in the borough election, or do you hope to get elected to the borough based on the actions of Westminster or Endeavour House politicians?

  2. Alasdair Ross says

    Listening to the people? Or just because it is an election in 3 weeks? They also need to speak to the people of Ipswich, if Chelmondiston and Bramford are closed the use of Portman Walk site will increase and see people deciding not to bother to recycle – more fly tipping.