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Mark Bee, Suffolk county leader elect – blogosphere reactions

Predicting what will happen at Suffolk County Council with Mark Bee as leader is really a guessing came. The information is sparse beyond what he said in an article in the Evening Star yesterday.

It has the heading Mark Bee’s vision for the  county, and contains welcome promises to listen to the people and to provide more time for a dialogue over the more contentious issues. We know he does not use the words “New Strategic Direction” but that a policy of community divestment will continue.

He is probably wise not to say anything too specific at the moment. He has more than a month of thinking time before he actually takes on the role of council leader.

Instead of risking making predictions, here are links to what other Suffolk blogs have to say.

Mark Valladares (Lib Dem) writes an open letter to Bee which includes the suggestion of cabinet changes to ensure he has a cabinet which “responds to your leadership”.

Kevan Lim (Lab) echoes this concern saying: “The problem for Mark is that he will now have on the backbenches his former Leader, Jeremy Pembroke who will be a brooding presence as Mark attempts to review the direction of the Council.”

Tendancecoatesy (very left) welcomes the reprieve for lollypop people and the promise to reconsider other policies but questions whether it is “really a fundamental change”.

The right voice of Ipswich Spy (what has happened to the left voice?) has some apparent inside information on the leadership election and feels the Conservatives made a mistake in not choosing Colin Noble. The Spy says Noble told the private hustings of his views on Andrea Hill as chief executive, “whose days would have been numbered under his leadership”.

A Riverside View (Con) believes the county council Conservatives made the right choice ins Bee, a man who went into politics for the right reason — to make a difference and leave things in a better shape.

Craig Dearden-Phillips (Lib Dem) welcomes Bee’s election but is worried that “moves to shift services into social enterprises and charities will stall”.

James Hargrave (Lib Dem) hopes Bee “will lead Suffolk County Council to something we can all be proud of whatever our politics”.

The 6th pip (Lab) finds it “slightly perverse to express too serious an interest in the internal machinations of a political faction with which I am in no way aligned”, but like Wordblog has taken a look at other blogs.

I do hope Mark Bee finds time to trawl through Suffolk political blogs sometimes. He may find some of the views exasperating, but it is lively scene which will give him another slant on the mood of the county.

Later: Caroline Page (Lib Dem) says Bee has “shown every sign of being Suffolk County Tories’ quiet voice of reason”. She hopes his few weeks of reflection will result in a “Damascene conversion”.



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