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Frustration with local daily

I am growing more and more frustrated with the East Anglian Daily Times. Today it has a story about bus service cuts in Woodbridge. It is less complete than a post by Caroline Page, the local Lib Dem County Councillor on her blog five days ago.

There are many local stories I am seeing on blogs and Facebook which just don’t get into the paper. If they do they are often late.

Can it be that they don’t use a news reader to discover what is being said on the internet? Hard to believe, but it most be true. The only other explanation is that they have forgotten the importance of timely news.



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  1. C Page says

    I’m not sure you’re being quite fair here. I think you might be failing to recognise quite how many people in Suffolk do not use the internet for newsgathering, email or indeed, at all.
    If the world is divided into the haves and have nots, it is also divided into the computer- and noncomputer- users. There is often a link between being a have-not and being a non-computer user.
    I was recently at a Carers’ meeting with about 30 of us – ranging in age from twenties to eighties. (I have to point out that carers generally become very much more have-not solely because they are carers. )
    In the meeting it turned out that only three of us used the internet for information gathering, only five had computers and many of the rest had never used one at all. So maybe there is less overlap between online and paper-based news than you might imagine.

    This also demonstrates how very essential it is that we in Suffolk hang on to our libraries – especially the small local ones in rural areas.
    In addition to the books, these provide free computer access plus help in learning how to use the web. Come to that, they also provide a copy of the local paper!

    • Andrew Grant-Adamson says

      I agree with pretty well everything that Caroline Page says in her comment, except for the “quite fair” bit. My point is aimed purely at the EADT’s coverage and apparent failure to use basic news gathering tools. I wish they would post a comment.

      I hope that I have made very clear my support for libraries and their importance, especially to the “have-nots” whose access in whole swathes of the county is threatened by the County Council. I fear that voluteer libraries might not include internet access and help in using it.

  2. Adam says

    I’d lay money on the fact that they don’t use a news reader. Too mnay journalists just don’t care what others write – unless the “others” are the people they see as their direct competition.