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Wordblog revived

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Times gets into the swing of blogging

The Times is really getting into the swing of blogging and having a conversation with its readers. Sometimes the frustration shows as in this post from India Knight on the Big Brother Blog (We watch so that you don’t have to):

Could we please desist from the embarrassingly babyish, inarticulate, mud-slinging posts? I’m personally disinclined to moderate anything this evening if I have to wade through any more of this BORING offensive crap – you know who you are. I’ve got a Ban button, and I’m going to use it. Allright?

Oh, and grow UP (unless, as I suspect, you’re 12, in which case I might tell your mummy).

Very human! This short-term team blog is getting lots of comments and linking to other newspapers including the Standard, the Guardian and the News of the World.

Another new blog, Alpha Mummy, is linked from the women’s section and is not even mentioned on the blogs home page. It is another team blog written by five writers — four mothers of two and a mother of one. It is difficult to describe but the phrase “eclectic mix” comes to mind.

Pieces about choosing schools are mixed with videos, including one from You Tube of a woman with no arms changing her baby’s nappy with her feet.

There has been a real change in The Times’s blogs since I counted 40 in October and questioned their purpose. Now the number linked from the blogs home page is down to a more select 22. They look good to me and I hope they are bringing in the visitors. With blogs accounting for 13% of visitors to the top US newspaper sites (I wish there were figures for the UK) their importance is becoming increasingly obvious.


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    […] experiment started eighteen months ago. Since then, we’ve lost a few, gained a few, and had some nice feedback. Many of our blogs have been enormous successes. Alongside Alpha Mummy, our most popular blogs […]

  2. Tom says

    I’m so glad you’ve noticed the difference!

    Yes, Alpha Mummy is in a ‘soft launch’ phase – we’ve been putting together some background stuff before the big guns come in and start regular posts.

    I’m just starting to put together another Technorati sweep. Since your last post, apart from the demise of a few blogs, the biggest change so far seems to be Comment Central – going from 284 to 700+ links.

    Tom Whitwell (Communities Editor, Times Online)

  3. Andrew Grant-Adamson says

    No press release. I did it all on my own..
    It is true I had an unvoiced an thought. Although there has been a big change for the better I did not get to the “but…” That was about the tone of the two new blogs I looked at and whether they represent part of an assault on the Daily Mail’s middle market.

  4. Martin says

    What was that you wrote the other day about re-writing press releases? 😉

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