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Wordblog revived

incorporating New Life

‘Blog of the week’

A big thank you to the students on the postgraduate diploma in journalism studies at Cardiff for putting Wordblog at the top of their “blog of the week” list today. Thanks also to Hannah from Cardiff for her comment on my post about convergency and journalism training.

I really do appreciate contributions from students who often have a better understanding of what is happening than some of the people in the industry I meet and, dare I say it, some tutors.

Further thanks for giving me something for this short blog on a day when normal morning blogging has been disrupted by writing a discussion piece for next week’s Press Gazette. It seems the administrator is keeping the PG going while seeking a buyer.

And finally congratulations to one of my Westminster students, Ozge Baykan, for getting her piece on the trials of Turkish translators published on OhmyNews international today.


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  1. Phil Simms says


    Good to see you have jumped into the realm of blogging, in particular media blogging -a welcome rival to Prof Roy Greenslade.

    Are you still running an online Journo course at City or are you full time at Westminster now?

    Kind regards,

    Phil Simms (former City student)