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British editor allowed to stay in Bahamas

John Marquis, the British editor of The Tribune in the Bahamas, is to be allowed to stay in his job after a long fight to get his work permit renewed.

Some politicians led by the foreign minister Fred Mitchell wanted him out because of his “insulting comments” about members of the government. Hold the Front Page has the story.

John, a former colleague of mine at the Evening Echo in Hemel Hempstead, has always been a robust and colourful journalist. I hope he continues to ruffle feathers.


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  1. anne sebba says

    hi john trying to reach you about Nassau and the Windsors …would be great to speak if you can spare a moment.

    All best wishes

  2. John Marquis says

    Hi Lesley
    The next book is called Papa Doc: Portrait of a Tyrant and covers the 14-year ‘reign of terror’ in Haiti when Dr Francois Duvalier was president-for-life.
    In 1968, I was sent to cover a spy trial in Port-au-Prince. A Walter Mitty figure called David Knox was sentenced to death on five espionage charges – and several of my stories were cited as prosecution evidence.
    The book uses Knox and the trial as a foundation, but really seeks to highlight the true horror of a sinister dictator who actually personally supervised some of his own mass executions and tortured opponents in the basement of the presidential palace.
    I also include contents of an interview with Papa Doc I conducted with some fellow journalists during the trial. All fascinating stuff.
    All good wishes to you both. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  3. lesley grant-adamson says

    Hi John,
    Good to hear you won the fight.
    What is your next book about? More crime or are you going straight now?
    Best wishes,

  4. John Marquis says

    Hi Andrew
    Thanks for your kind comments. Hope all is well with you.
    It’s been 30 years or more since the Echo days. I can hardly believe it. I left in 1974, I think.
    The Tribune experience has been interesting, to say the least. The politicians hate me, but I have enormous support among readers. And that’s what counts.
    However, in a year or two I’m calling it a day. My wife and I are building a cottage in Cornwall and from there we shall spend the rest of our lives wandering the world.
    I gather you and Lesley are now authors of note. I made my rather belated literary debut last Christmas and have another book coming out in March.
    However, the ‘day job’ is so demanding that book writing has to remain a pleasant but extremely time-consuming weekend hobby.
    All good wishes
    John Marquis