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Evening newspaper publishes same day story!

Under the heading Brum Mail rushes out terror plot special, the Press Gazette this afternoon posted a story with this intro:

The Birmingham Mail showed the advantages of publishing on the day editions as news broke this morning of the terrorist plot to explode up to ten planes leaving British airports.

That, surely, is what evening papers do. If they don’t what purpose do they have?

I fear this story tells us more about the way Trinity Mirror runs its newspaper than an achievement by an evening newspaper. Perhaps the Mail’s editor, Steve Dyson, is concerned that his paper faces the fate of the Evening Telegraph in neighbouring Coventry which is to switch to morning publication. Like the Mail it is owned by Trinity Mirror.

This would explain why he felt the need to tell the Press Gazette:

The team responded brilliantly to this breaking news story. That’s what our team is great at; responding quickly to fast breaking news stories and they proved it again this time.

It would be worrying if any editorial team could not respond pretty well to a big breaking news story.

Wondering what the Coventry Evening Telegraph had made today’s big story — Birmingham airport is on the Coventry side of the city — I looked at the icCoventry website.

The Telegraph’s top story was Horror smash biker sent to detention. The copy did not say when the court hearing took place, so I assume it was a yesterday story.

If that is how a paper in the same group is being run it is no wonder that the Mail’s editor felt the need to stress the value of publishing “on the day” editions.


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  2. Martin says

    The Coventry Evening Telegraph doesn’t switch to morning publication for a few months. It had the terror story on page one on Thursday evening.

    Why it wasn’t on icCoventry when you checked is another matter — one that will probably have to be addressed quickly when the switch happens!

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  4. Martin says


    Well spotted. That intro certainly reflected the fact that the debate over the decision in Coventry was prominant in our coverage elsewhere on the web site and the magazine yesterday.

    We also had the views on the Coventry situation by Jeremy Dear of the NUJ and Alan Kirby, editor of the Coventry Evening Telegraph and a discussion here

  5. Craig McGinty says

    It always made me smile in newsrooms when we got police stories and everyone chipped in with the headline ‘Police do job’.

    Maybe the new one should be ‘Newspaper does job’.